December 3, 2009

The Ultimate House Training Guide Review

As any good dog owner knows, house training can be a major issue. Whether you wake up to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night only to step in a puddle of puppy pee or you go out to dinner and come back to find that the dog has defecated in the living room, it’s a horrible problem.

The aggravation alone is bad enough. However, it gets worse. The smells and stains are inescapable. Your cleaning bills can go through the rough. So, every owner wants to housebreak their dog as quickly as possible. Mr. Edwards’ Ultimate Guide offers dozens of helpful ways to do just that.

The Convenience:

One of the great things about the guide is the convenience. It’s convenient on many levels. It’s affordable and easy to download, to begin with. Also, though, it’s well organized with plenty of illustrations and clear chapter headings. That way, ……………………… information can be looked up immediately, in any situation.

The Compilation:

One great thing about the Ultimate House Training Guide is how much information it covers. Mr. Edwards has compiled years of tips, tricks and advice from great sources, like veterinarians and dog trainers. He’s also listed information based on tests and case studies, so the results of the methods in the guide are well tested.

The Content:

Of course, it’s the content itself that really makes the guide. Mr. Edwards covers a variety of topics, including why most house training takes so long and is detrimental to the relationships between dogs and their owners. Many training techniques involve punishing the dog. In fact, people often yell at their dog for accidents that the dog had minutes or even hours before the people discovered them. In the guide, Mr. Edwards explains that that’s completely useless.

A Place For Everything:

Another thing that the Ultimate House Training Guide makes clear is that there needs to be a specific place for everything. In other words, dogs learn to go to relieve themselves outside better if they’re always taken to the same outdoor area to go. Although that may not always be possible, such as if you are on vacation or at the park, Mr. Edwards explains that it’s much faster to train dogs when there is an area in the yard designated for the task. That way, the area gets the dog’s scent and the dog also remembers going in that area.

Excitement and Anxiety:

Mr Edwards’ guide also talks about excessive urination and deification caused by excitement and anxiety. He discusses how to deal with each dog’s emotional issues, so that the physical problem of household accidents can be dealt with constructively later on.

The Guide also touches on the importance of understanding each dog and having patience with them, especially when they’re puppies. It takes a little while to learn and the occasional accident will happen. With the Ultimate House Training Guide, though, accidents will be few and far between and, eventually, stop entirely.



4 responses to “The Ultimate House Training Guide Review”

  1. Dave Mathews says:

    There is so much dog information online, it is tricky to know who to trust. At least you know what you are talking about.

  2. nspis says:

    Hi, Great Post Thanks.:)

  3. Frank says:

    thanx for the review, i bought the book and i’m very glad that i really helped me solving my dog behavior problems …

  4. Natalie says:

    I have a grown male gator mouth pit who was abused, left in a shed in his own feces and was extremely thin when I found him, hes probably about 2 years old maybe 3 but he doesn’t know his own name he doesn’t understand house training or any training for that matter, and he gets aggressive when I try and correct him. hes about 130lbs now that ive got him back to a good weight, but my roommates are scared of him and are worried about his cats, sence he already went after one of them, so they wont let me bring him inside were I want him to be so I can constantly work with him and I need some help!? can anyone help me

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