December 5, 2009

An Overview of Pitbull Breeding

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Pitbull Breeding

The Pitbull is a breed of dog that often gets a mostly undeserved bad reputation. So, Pitbull breeding is a sensitive subject. In fact, in many places, Pitbulls are banned. That’s why, if you plan to buy a Pitbull, it’s important to get it from a responsible breeder.

Also, if you already have a Pitbull that you’re thinking of breeding, it’s important to be responsible about that, too. So, let’s talk about both issues, starting with finding a great breeder.


What to Look For in a Pitbull Breeder:

There are several things that should set alarm bells off in your head, when you look for a Pitbull breeder. One big thing is aggression. If the breeder seems aggressive or cruel towards the puppies or encourages the puppies to be aggressive and wants them to be fighting dogs, you shouldn’t buy from them. In fact, you should report them to authorities. They are only perpetuating the bad reputation of Pitbulls.


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