Dove Cresswell Puppy & Dog Training Online Review

Dove Cresswell loves dogs and it shows in her Dog Training Online course.  Ms. Cresswell is a professional Hollywood dog trainer who has worked with many types of animals in various TV shows and movies.  Her training program is the result of all of that experience.

dove-dog-training-120x240The Program Points:

One of the great things about Dove Cresswell’s training program is that it covers so many things.  Many programs focus on just one aspect of dog training.  Dove tries to cover everything and cover it well, rather than just touching upon it.

Obedience and Recall:

Basic obedience and recall are two of the most important things to teach any dog.  If a dog doesn’t listen or come when called, after all, its life is constantly in danger.  Dove Cresswell’s program can teach any dog those valuable skills.  Even if they knew nothing other than “stop” and “come” they’d be great dogs, but Dove’s program takes that basic training to the next level.


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