December 4, 2009

Secrets to Dog Training Review

Secrets to Dog Training is an in-depth guide to dog obedience. The author, Daniel Stevens, understands that, though dogs are said to be man’s best friend, they can be unruly and destructive if they aren’t given the proper training. So, he has compiled a wonderful list of tips and tricks for training any dog. Here are just a few of the topics that Daniel covers in his guide:

House Training Your Dog:

One of the many topics covered in the guide is house training your dog. Daniel Stevens knows from experience the particular frustration and annoyance that goes along with coming home to accidents. So, whether it’s a new puppy or a dog that suffers from separation anxiety or is simply marking their territory, Daniel talks about the fastest and easiest ways to cure the problem.




Dominance is another big problem, especially with little dogs. Many dogs have a tendency to think that they rule the house and are allowing their humans to stay in it. Well, for many owners, that attitude is just unacceptable. Daniel Stevens’ guide, Secrets to Dog Training, talks all about the pack mentality of dogs and how to make your dog understand that you are the alpha (leader) of the house, not him.

Recalling Your Dog:

Recalling is a big problem for many owners. In the guide, Daniel Stevens talks about why it’s so difficult for some owners to get their dogs to come back when called. He also goes on to make a very interesting point about the recall exercise.

Daniel explains that you should never use a recall word, such as “come”, or your dog’s own name in an angry way. Dogs, he explains, have their own language. While they can learn English, it takes time and consistency. If you scream “COME!” at your dog after he does something wrong he won’t know that “COME!” actually means that he should come. Instead he will interpret your tone of voice as meaning that “COME!” indicates trouble and he’ll want to run in the other direction.

Basic Obedience:

Once you establish your leadership role and teach your dog some basic commands, like recall and sit, as outlined in the book, Daniel also talks about many other basic obedience tips to keep your dog safe and improve the relationship between you and your pet. He teaches such things as how to stop dog aggression and how to keep your pet from running out the door any time you open it. He also talks about the importance of preventing and controlling jumping and barking. In fact, his guide book and 30-minute video cover 25 behavioral problems and how to correct them.


Finally, Daniel Stevens understands that dogs are individuals. They have individual thoughts, feelings and problems. So, along with the Secrets to Dog Training program, Daniel offers unlimited online support to answer any specific questions that dog owners have about training their dogs. That makes Secrets to Dog Training an awesome money and time-saving tool for any dog owner.

In a nutshell: Highly Recommended.



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  1. Shirl Arenz says:

    I never thought to crate train my smaller dogs until I saw it on one of those dog whisperer episodes. Our little terrier really doesn’t like it… at least not yet.

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