December 3, 2009

Pitbulls Revealed Review

Pitbulls Revealed is a comprehensive guide to Pitbull ownership. It was developed by Tim Amherst, an avid Pitbull lover. According to the guide, Tim learned everything he knows about Pitbulls over years of experiences with the breed. He didn’t set out to be a Pitbull expert, but he enjoyed the breed and helped acquaintances with Pitbull advice. So, eventually, he became known as the Pitbull Guru.

Pitbulls_Revealed_Order_NOW!Pitbull Myths:

One of the best things about Tim Amherst’s guide, Pitbulls Revealed, is that it dispels many Pitbull myths. For example, it discusses how the media has warped the public opinion of Pitbulls as a breed in general. It also talks about how a few bad breeders and bad owners have perpetuated the myth that Pitbulls are all mean, evil or somehow unstable.


Choosing a Pup:

Another important part of the guide is how to choose a Pitbull pup. Tim walks the first-time Pitbull owner through various steps, including what physical and emotional traits to look for in a puppy. He talks about how to avoid many of the mistakes that are commonly made when choosing one. Not only that, but he talks thoroughly about the importance of finding a reliable Pitbull breeder and how to figure out which breeders are the best of the best.

After the Puppy Arrives:

In Pitbulls Revealed, Tim Amherst also discusses what to do after puppy selection. He tells us about how to puppy-proof our homes. He also talks about choosing the most nutritional diet for a Pitbull puppy. Tim even discusses how to choose the right bed for a Pitbull puppy.

Chewing and Destruction:

One of the big problems that people think Pitbulls have is that they’re destructive. They don’t have to be at all, though. Pitbulls Revealed reveals many training tips and tricks to keep Pitbulls from becoming terrors around the house. The program shows how to keep them from chewing on furniture, children’s toys, curtains and other property and how to focus their attention on better things, instead.

Understanding, Awareness and Trust:

Then there’s the understanding and awareness portion of Tim’s program. Unfortunately, a lot of people forget that dogs have feelings and unique personalities. Tim, however, doesn’t forget. In Pitbulls Revealed, he talks extensively about how to understand your Pitbull. Once you understand your Pitbull and why they do certain things, Tim claims that you can teach them almost anything. That means a closer relationship for both pet and owner and a much better behaved pet.

Health and Wellness:

Another important aspect of Pitbull ownership that Tim Amherst covers in Pitbulls revealed is health and wellness. He talks about the five most common Pitbull ailments. He also discusses how to choose the best vet for your Pitbull and, most importantly, why to choose a certain vet. Choosing the wrong vet or being unaware of a health problem that your Pit has can be devastating, after all.

Many programs tell you what to do, but not why to do it. Tim Amherst’s program covers all the bases. So, it teaches the ins and outs of Pitbull ownership. If they read Pitbulls Revealed, Pitbull owners don’t need to be known for owning the neighborhood monster. Pitbulls can actually be the best behaved pups on the block.


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  1. shirley says:

    is a scott amercian bull dog considered a pit?

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