November 14, 2009

Pitbull Books

Pitbull Books
If you are wondering of getting a new Pit-Bull book there are actually dozens on the market, so we at decide to create a list of some of the best Pitbull books available.

Colby’s Book of the American Pit Bull Terrier

Pitbull Books - American Pitbull TerrierFor more than one hundred years, the Collby family has devoted itself to breeding the greatest Pit Bull Terriers on the globe. This long awaited volume written by the son of great John P.Colby the pioneer breeder who helped establish the Pit Bull in America, accounts in historical photographs, fact and anecdote the very foundation of this loyal breed of dog.

This book documents one hundred years of the Colby family’s breeding program, capturing in painstaking detail the dogs that became the pillars of the pit bull terrier in pedigree and story, as well as in many rare photographs that never have been available before. Because of the quality of the program the Colby’s are among the most respected dog families in America.

This book is definitely an instant classic. It’s very well written packed with excellent information and it showcases some of the excellent Colby dogs, virtually unchanged after 100 years! A great book and a MUST HAVE for any Pit Bull owner.



Pit Bulls For Dummies

Pitbull Books - Pitbulls For DummiesContrary to popular belief, the Pit Bull is an affectionate, pleasant-natured breed and can be a great family pet. This fun and friendly guide provides insights to the Pit Bull temperament, tips on taking care of your dog, sensitive advice on training your Pit Bull to be a reliable companion and much more.

In this book you will also discover:

How to choose the right Pit Bull for you, Socialize your new puppy, Maintain a good health and diet and Solve common behavior problems.

If you think Pit Bulls must be purged from the surface of the earth, Pit Bulls For Dummies will enlighten you. Perhaps you’re curious on this breed and would like to know what Pit Bulls are really like; if so, this book is for you.



The Working Pit-Bull

Pitbull Books - Working Pitbull

If you would like to understand a lot regarding the American Pit Bull Terrier, this is the book to pick up. The book talks about each aspect of the breed, starting with its history “The real history not many people know” as a hunting and bull handling dog. It touches on related breeds, common “pit bull myths,” and the modern American Pit Bull Terrier today.

It also talks about the details of acquiring and keeping a pit bull, without revolving into a generic book on dogs or dog care.

This Book was written by Author and Animal Control Officer Diane Jess. She proves that the Pit Bull is not purely a fighting dog but rather the most versicle intelligent and athletic dog of all breads.

This book is an outstanding update for the Pit Bull community, and must have by anyone who owns and loves Pit Bulls.



The Book of the American Pit Bull Terrier

Pitbull Books - The American PitbullIf you have read Richard F.Stratton previews work than you know this one is a must! The Book of the American Pit Bull Terrier is one of the best Pit books ever written.

This book reflects upon the greatness of this breed. It describes the inner quality of the breed that makes them so special. It also explains the breeding procedure in order to keep them this way .

Stratton goes through the good qualities and the responsibilities of owning this amazing breed. The book dose in fact try to glorify dog fighting which many of us might not agree with but over all it’s a good book, twice as large as Stratton previews work packed with information,an impressive section of 65 color photos and hundreds of monochrome featuring some of the best dogs in recent Pit Bull history.



Fighting Dog Breeds

Pitbull Books - Fighting Dog BreedsWithout question, the most controversial of all groups of dogs, Fighting Dog Breeds evoke love or provoke hate from the dog person. Each of the breeds discussed in this book has been the target of uninformed dog legislators and partisan media, yet each breed continue to thrive despite its many detractors.

Dr. Dieter Fleig, an acknowledged international expert, details the origins of the old fighting breeds and tells the whole truth about their modern counterparts and their skills, temperaments and shortcomings. The author impassioned, intelligent account begins with the Tibetan dogs, the Roman Warriors, the Bull and Bears Biters, the Mastiffs and Bull dogs of England than continues with the modern breeds that rightly are counted among the Fighting Dog Breeds.

Actually this book is not specifically about the Pit Bull terrier but i recommend it to every Pit Bull owner who wants to know and learn the history of the bread.



Training Your Pit Bull

Pitbull Books Training Your PitbullBecause the American Pit Bull Terrier was originally bred as a fighting dog, today’s typical Pit Bull requires special training and handling by its owner. Canine expert Joe Stahlkuppe points out that Pit Bulls adapt best to homes where the owners maintain a structured lifestyle and regular habits.

He explains methods for minimizing the dog’s aggressive traits and asserts that preventing fighting and other aggressive tendencies becomes a matter of limiting opportunity. Most important, Stahlkuppe offers a wealth of information to help you train and maintain a happy, healthy, and friendly American Pit Bull Terrier.

Over all a good book to add to your Pit Bull Collection.



The Pit Bull Placebo

Pitbull Books - The Pitbull Placebo

Delise’s exhaustively researched, often riveting account of how America’s most respected dog became its most reviled takes us beyond the pitiable plight of the Pit bull. It goes to the heart of the storied bond between dogs and humans and the ways the latter often corrupts it for their own craven purposes.

By dispelling common misperceptions about certain dog breeds, Delise successfully shifts the onus for problem dog behaviors back to where it should be: squarely on us.”

This is a must read for anyone interested in learning the truth behind the various stories hyped up by media. Delise identifies a pattern over the years of our human need for drama through particular targeted breeds. It is time to step back and look at the human element and intentions of choice of dog.buy_from_amazon


American Pit Bull Terrier Handbook

Pitbull Books - The American PitbullTerrier HandbookOwners of this assertive breed are advised on the importance of rigorous but humane obedience training. All other aspects of purchase, health care, feeding, and housing are discussed in detail. Titles in Barron’s popular Pet Handbooks series instruct pet owners on health care, proper feeding and housing, and other facts important to owners and their pets. All books in this series have high quality, full-color photos, instructive line drawings, and run to an average of approximately 140 pages.

This is by far one of the finest Pit Bull Terrier books around, Mr. Stahlkuppe very equally shows the high-quality points of these dogs, as well as the bad. It also has excellent information on caring for this breed through it’s life. This book should be required reading for all prospective pit bull owners.



Fatal Dog Attacks

Pitbull Books - Fatal Dog AttacksToday’s headlines are full with horror stories regarding fatal dog attacks. Consequently, the community has grown increasingly alarmed over what it perceives as an ominous phenomenon, uncontrolled and growing.

“Fatal Dog Attacks” uncovers the truth about the frequency and causes of unprovoked dog attacks, who are the most likely victims, which breeds are most agressive, how people can best protect themselves, and most importantly: Who is ultimately responsible for these attacks.

This book takes actual statistics instead of exagerated media accounts of fatal maulings. It proves to be the answer to all Pit Bull owners problems… Pit’s aren’t the only dogs capable of killing… all dogs are… the right amount of training and caring can prevent pretty much all fatal attacks.




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    I love the books on different breed of pit bulls. Its entertaining and interesting, but of all it keeps you reading more. Definitely be buying these type of books.
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