December 2, 2009

Dove Cresswell Puppy & Dog Training Online Review

dove-dog-training-120x240The Program Points:

One of the great things about Dove Cresswell’s training program is that it covers so many things.  Many programs focus on just one aspect of dog training.  Dove tries to cover everything and cover it well, rather than just touching upon it.

Obedience and Recall:

Basic obedience and recall are two of the most important things to teach any dog.  If a dog doesn’t listen or come when called, after all, its life is constantly in danger.  Dove Cresswell’s program can teach any dog those valuable skills.  Even if they knew nothing other than “stop” and “come” they’d be great dogs, but Dove’s program takes that basic training to the next level.

.House Training, and Crate Training:

No matter how cute our dogs are, as owners, it can be frustrating for us to watch our dogs destroy our houses by urinating and defecating anyplace they like.  There’s nothing worse than waking up first thing in the morning and stepping in a puddle of puppy pee.  So, one of the great things about Dove Cresswell’s online dog training program is that it teaches house training.

It’s also frustrating, as owners, to have to battle with our dogs to get them into crates.  Whether we’re crating them so we can leave them alone in the house or crating them to transport them someplace, such as the vet’s office, we’re usually in a rush.  Luckily, the program teaches quick crate training methods that really work well.


Since Ms. Cresswell works as a Hollywood dog trainer she understands that time is vital in dog training.  After all, when our dogs are destroying our houses, we need solutions in a hurry.  That’s why it’s great that her program comes in 7 short steps that are all so easy to teach.

Great Program Points:

Dove Cresswell also makes some great points in her program. One such point is that all dogs can learn.  A lot of people think that their dogs are either too young or too old to be taught, but that just isn’t the case.  All dogs can learn, though they do all learn at a different pace.

Another very important point that dove makes is that training should be fun.  She encourages short training sessions that are full of excitement and energy.  She also encourages positive reinforcement, not punishment, as a training technique.

Another wonderful point that Dove is clear about in her program is that dogs need to be understood, if they’re to be trained.  She helps us to learn what our dogs are thinking, what their natural behaviors are and what they’re likely to do in certain situations.  By learning the “language” of dog training, she teaches us to teach our dogs faster and more efficiently.  So her Online Dog Training program is really a wonderful asset to any dog owner.


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  1. Dennis says:

    Thanks for the dog training program info. Going to check it out as I’m always trying to learn how to better train dogs. I think that understanding dogs as well as the idea that dogs can learn at age with the correct information and guidance is key.

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