November 12, 2009


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Whats The Deal with The Pitbull Terrier!

The Pit Bull is amongst the most misunderstood and unfairly blamed amongst the breed of dogs. However as many owners would vouch, it is as good as any other breed and also makes for a good and obedient pet. The owners of the Pit Bull have now realized the need to dispel the wrong notions and the negative portrayal in the media.Towards this end, many owners of this breed are making a sincere effort to train their dogs.

The Terrier has the biggest heart of all the dog breeds, they will love there owners and family until they have nothing else to give! It is an indescribable feeling to have a dog they would do anything that you asked of it just to please you! I could give you a list of a hundred great qualities about this dog!
But with this great breed of dog comes a great responsibility because of it unbelievable strength and determination! I also admire the breeds never quit personality which could be considered negative trait if the proper training was not provided!

Training is the single most Important Investment you can give your dog! If you are truly serious about being a great owner you have to look into the The Pitbull Guide by Chad Zetrouer! It is a training guide put together for strictly the Pitbull owner!


Here’s a quick look at what you’ll learn when you read The Pitbull Guide:


  • Many excellent ways to exercise your Pitbull so that he safely builds massive muscles.
  • What you need to know to keep your Pitbull healthy and happy!
  • Extremely helpful training tips and tricks that make training a breeze!
  • Dog training methods you absolutely must avoid if you have a Pitbull!
  • Recommended toys and tools that all Pitbull owners should have.
  • Should you crop your Pitbulls ears and tail?
  • How to easily stop your Pitbull from roaming!
  • The in depth history of the breed with explanations on why Pitbulls have certain behaviors.
  • How to stop your Pitbull from destroying your house and yard!
  • Why you should never give your Pitbull cooked bones!
  • Learn why pit’s have certain behaviors and how you easily can modify those behaviors.
  • …and much more!
  • pitbull_guide If we do not take the time to train our dog, we can not call ourselves responsible and if we are not responsible owners we have no right owning such a fantastic breed of dog! Keep in mind there is no such thing as a bad dog just bad ownership!
    The Pitbull Guide covers everything you could ever want to know about Pitbulls. It’s not like any of those annoying books you find at pet shops or book stores either, it’s the real information that people want to know. 

    The guide is fully packed with great detail on obedience training for Pitbulls of all ages, this is why we recommend this awesome book called by many the Pitbull “Bible”

    Here is the link to this fantastic ebook

    Act NOW! Start Caring For Your Pit-Bull Today.

    Chad Zetrouer is a Pitbull owner and has over 10 years of experience training, and raising Pitbulls, He is the author of “The Pit-Bull Guide” the webs most popular Pitbull eBook.

    If you order right NOW, you will also get Chad’s new book The House Training Guide as a free gift! This book sells at $17.00 and you will get this totally FREE.

    Unfortunately this is a Limited Bonus Offer and you have to hurry to grab a free copy of this book!

    Here is the link to get this great product Buy It NOW!


    1. Adam says:

      Got a pup about a week ago at 9 weeks and he has been awesome…besides is accidents in the house. Once he is housebroken I will have nothing to complain about!

    2. John Hilliker says:

      Sounds too good to be true going to have a look at the free potty training guide,a. And do some research into the other books before any purchase.

    3. Trudy says:

      I would like to thank you for your site and the tips and tricks. I have a 16month old albino apbt that is deaf. She had her first and only litter of pups and i have fell in love with 3 of them and (must be crazy) and have decided to keep them. Training her on my own about made me nuts. Now with your help the 3 babies(metastophliez, Deva and Waddles will not make me crazy) Thank you so much for your information

    4. Chas says:

      Cant be more happy with my choice of dog and will give him all my effort and attention so he turns out to be the great dog I know hecan be

    5. Ryan Kemp says:

      I like to think you for your sit.I have two blue pitbull pups and I want to keep them healthy and happy

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