December 18, 2009

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Josh ForesterDear friend,

My name is Josh Forester, I was born in Ottawa, Canada’s capital. I have always been an American Pit Bull Terrier Fan…but I became an addict only when Neo came along, he was a present from my girlfriend Diane. I remember when Neo first came into our family he was pooping all over the house, peeing on the carpet and chewing on my favorite shoes…In a nutshell he was a very misbehaving Pit Bull.

A couple of months went by and his behavior was getting worse so I decided to do something about it. I went to my local pet shop and bought a couple of dog products and training books, as soon as I went home I started reading the books and in the following weeks I was trying to teach Neo to behave but to tell the truth I sow very little change in his behavior and he seemed that he didn’t care at all of what I was teaching him.

I started to believe that I wasn’t qualified to train him and that I need help from a professional trainer, but at the time I couldn’t afford one, also I didn’t have the free time to take Neo to training classes so I turned to the internet to gather as much information as I could.Diane&Neo

By doing so I came across a lot of websites that offered good and bad quality information. I also learned a lot more about the breed and the problems Pit Bulls were facing. By using the information that I got from the internet I saw a drastic change on Noe’s behavior… Now I knew I was on to something, and i thought I could train Neo myself.

I just needed some more quality information, by digging deeper I found a lot of dog training eBooks from different authors and a couple of interactive online courses, most of them were good but they suffered from what I like to call the information overload symptom..

Josh&AlexaAt this point Neo’s behavior was progressing and by this time I had become addict into buying every dog product that I could find… just recently I stumbled upon two great eBooks, I didn’t want to buy them at first, but at the same time I wanted to fully train Neo and the new Pit Bull “Alexa “that recently joined our family (I got Alexa from a Pit Bull shelter here in Ottawa and because Diane had also become obsessed with pits I thought that I would make her a present this time)


Buying Secrets To Dog Training and The Pitbull Guide was one of the best investments that I have made in purchasing dog books.. For the first time I had all the information that I needed to train my pits, laid out in an easy to follow step by step format.

Secrets To Dog Training had everything covered on how to train a dog. Basically in the book The author, Daniel Stevens explains everything, he goes into details like do this and then do that, he guides you step by step just like holding your hand and training you instead of the dog 🙂 in a nut shell the information in this book is very powerful.

The Pitbull Guide in the other hand is written only for the Pitbulls owners, Chad covers everything that a pitbull owner must know. From the history of the breed to myths surrounding the Pitbull. He also takes Pit-Bull training to that next level that you won’t be able to find in any another dog training book.

By combing The Pitbull Gude and Secrets To Dog Training I had the Ultimate Weapon on training my Pits.I have used the techniques that I learned from both books and I can proudly say that both of my dogs behave like angles.

I achieved training my pits in just under 3 weeks, I just wish I had come across this 2 products when first got Neo and this leads us to why I have started this site.

Diane&NeoI started to help Pit Bull owners just like you no to go through hell on finding the right quality information that they need to start training their pits, because this was my biggest problem I faced when I first got involved with the breed.

Throughout the site you will find high quality free articles that myself and girlfriend Diane have written. We have also reviewed some of the best dog training courses available on the net, these are solid products that I have bought and used myself so you have a choice to make up your own mind…but what has worked best for me are the product that I have mentioned above here are the links again to this great products:

=====>Secrets To Dog Training

=====>The Pitbull Guide

For you guys who aren’t really sure of getting a training product right now, Diane has put together a free 7 day eMail course on how to train your pit also by signing up you will get a free Potty Training Guide written by Diane and Tim Smith. The Potty Training Guide is valued at $19 and you can get it for Free just by signing up to our newsletter.


Best Wishes,

Josh Forester.


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